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Главная » 2015 » Июль » 29 » Новые вкусняшки из KF2
Новые вкусняшки из KF2

WWAUT - The Tools Of A Demo
JULY 17, 2015


As we work towards the upcoming big content update, new systems and weapons continue to come online. Today I would like to talk about the weapons of the Demolitions Perk. I’ll be going down the list in order from tier 1 to 4 adding additional information about the known weapons as well as delving into the new ones. As always keep in mind that everything is subject to change as development continues, so let us begin!

Leading this explosive charge is the tier 1 starting weapon, the HX 25 grenade pistol. Designed for close encounters of the enemy (and zed) kind, it was developed to shoot either a cluster of submunitions or a 20mm grenade for a bit of additional reach. The submunitions will shoot out in a spread and explode on contact with any surface at any range. While Horzine tried pitching this weapon as the ultimate in close-in home defense, it was later relegated to security force use only within the company. Something to do with the complaints about sub-intestinal splatter patterns on the curtains.
Next on the field is the old fashioned C4, with a few modern upgrades thanks to the cheap and easy to use Horzino motherboard. This allows any budding demo to lay out up to 8 C4 and detonate them in the order in which they were laid.

A blast from the past, is what many in Horzine security teams call the M79 grenade launcher. But this trusty old favorite of militaries and security forces can get the job done. Point it at the enemy, push a round down range and watch it all explode!
And to round things off every demo should be prepared for the worst with access to something designed to take down a tank. Cue the RPG-7, used by insurgents and (cheap) militaries the world over, its no surprise that many of these found their ways into the hands of Horzine’s private security forces as a cheap but effective “security” measure. But one should always keep in mind that ammo for this weapon is limited, and it may have other dangers (all users are requested to fully read the manual, specifically the section on back blasts and safety).
For those who like numbers, we have updated our dev days left graph with the latest. As always please remember what these numbers represent:

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